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About Me


Hey I'm Salita Callicutt. I am a teacher, a busy mom and wife. I have a passion for reading to grow myself and to help grow others. 

So Why a Book Review Blog? 

1. It is important to know the positives and negatives of available literature, especially the literature your children are reading. My goal is to provide you a basic overview of each book as well as any concerning material that parents should be aware of. 


2. As a teacher, I understand the importance of providing students details of books that may interest them. I hope to provide simple background of books to grab your teen's attention. 


3. Community is important. We can all use the opportunity to grow with other around us. I hope our book clubs will provide people with the opportunity to learn and grow through reading and discussion. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I hope you find more books to fall in love with, direction if that's what you need, community, and the information to help grow readers. 

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