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A Woman's Secret to a Balanced Life: Finding God's Refreshing Priorities for You

Summary: This book is a great exploration of Proverbs 31 and explains in details the steps that women can take to have deeper relationships. It includes the perspectives and stories of both authors and discusses their journey to become women that reflect the qualities found in Proverbs 31. Throughout this book, an analogy of different waterfalls walks the reader through the different principles and areas of life discussed by the authors.

My Favorite Part:

I really liked how the stories in each principle had real life application from these women. I felt that their stories provided an anchor through which I could evaluate the impact of each principle in my own life.


  • Each Principle can be looked at individually.

  • There are practical applications to everyday life in a variety of relationships


Because there are 2 different authors there is a different tone to each chapter. This could be distracting for some readers especially if you choose to listen to the audiobook which is read by the authors.

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