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I'll Start Again Monday


This book examines the need to crave food and allow food to impact our lives from a spiritual perspective. It provides practical tips and truths that can be used to positively impact someone's weight loss journey. This book gets to the heart of the issue and discusses the error that is easily made to replace our desire for God with a desire for food. This book helps you to evaluate where you are in the journey of honoring God with your temple and discussing how to work through the struggles to the heart of our desire.

My Favorite Part

I really appreciated how stories of victory were shared in this text. I think that can be such an encouragement when struggling through your own journey. I also appreciated how scripture was the backbone for every part of this book.


This book takes the overwhelming journey of weight loss and aids the reader in evaluating their own lives and understanding what they need personally.

I liked how this book allowed everyone the opportunity to take the tips they need to address this individual journey. The author recognizes that everyone is different and that each person needs different skills and aids in addressing weight loss.


There is a portion of the book where the author is clear that she has reached her goals and focuses on maintaining. While I read this section, I didn't find it beneficial since that is not where I currently am on my journey.

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