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It's not Supposed to be this Way

by Lysa Terkeurst


All of us have experienced some heart ache in our lives. We have all had something that makes us question the most basic things and to question God's leading in our lives.

Throughout this book Lysa walks us through her own disappointments to find the strength that only God can give to walk through difficult situations.

My Favorite Part:

Lysa uses the analogy of walking between gardens to demonstrate our journey through life. She demonstrates the first experience of loss in Genesis 3 and the final restoration in Revelation 22. I enjoyed the fact that she pointed out this category and provided such a strong visual.


- There are a variety of situations that Lysa talks about that allows people to find themselves in the pages of this book and therefore relate with the teaching of this book.

- Lysa runs her analogy throughout and the chapters are short to allow readers the ability to read in their own time and to process what she is talking about.

- A companion Bible Study is available for small groups:


- Lysa tells a lot of stories and this can be distracting to some readers that are more interested in a straight Bible study.

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